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What You Didn’t Know About WordPress

You already know about what WordPress essentially is, as it is by far the most popular tool used to build websites. You must have also enrolled in WordPress kurs Online to learn more about this open source platform. While some online kurs are free, there are others that are paid kurs. The paid WordPress kurs provide a more elaborate curriculum covering a wide range of resources.

But did you know that there are several alternative uses of WordPress? Apart from the regular features, WordPress also has some little-known configuration tricks. Read on to find out more on WordPress.


  1. With the Woo Commerce plug-in on WordPress, it makes for an excellent e-commerce solution. But adding an extra plug-in, Amazon shop, takes it one step further, making Amazon as a supplier. ( You need to have an Amazon affiliate account as well)
  2. Incorporate a live chat on your WordPress website, using the Drift plug-in. This helps you to communicate more with the visitors. People who visit a site are more likely to purchase when there is a direct form of communication.
  3. The Facebook Feed WD helps you in connecting your Facebook feed with your WordPress website. A crucial element of marketing your website online depends largely on connecting to social media.
  4. You can convert your website into a multisite, having different styles.
  5. The Forum Engine Theme makes it possible for you to build up a community/forum on your website. This is a top notch feature which helps you follow posts, weekly updates and also login with social media accounts.
  6. The Go to Webinar WP plug-in allows you to incorporate webinars into your WordPress website. You can always engage visitors by asking them to register for future scheduled webinars. It is another tool that helps you market your line of business effectively.
  7. Did you know that you can use your WordPress site as job board with the Job Board Theme? The Job Engine theme and the Job Board plug-in help you have a very slick website, with a lot of features, apt for an entrepreneur or a recruitment agency or even a blogger.

These are but a few interesting features of WordPress. There are much more waiting to be discovered.

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