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Shopping has undergone a sea of change over the years. Technology has taken it to the next level. Buying an item you desire is just a click away. Often, you would end up getting it cheaper than if you were to shop in local stores.There are many online retailers who offer everything under the sun. Clothing – Men, Women, Kids, toys, household appliances, electrical appliances, Jewellery, beauty products etc. They work like a one-stop-shop.

UK‘s Leading Online Store

Littlewoods is UK’s leading online retail shopping centre which provides over 4 Lakh products. They are a one-stop-solution for all shopping needs. Littlewoods home shopping changed the face of shopping by allowing individuals to shop from their homes. This site was established as a retail and football betting company in early 1930s.

This leading retailer has undergone immense change over the years’. The current day Littlewoods home shopping online was formed as a result of the merger between Littlewoods and Shop Direct companies (which took place in the year 2005). This group launched in 2009 and in 2011 to cater to the increasing online shopping trend.


Changing With Time

Littlewoods home shopping celebrates 45th year of delivering products across UK. It has successfully been in the retail home shopping business for over 84 years’. Things have changed drastically with the advent of technology. Prior to 1971, Littlewoods agents carried enormously huge product catalogues and moved from house to house to make their sales. The products were handed to the customers personally at their door step.

Not only does the online retail shopping portal offer a large assortment of products, they also have the best discounts to offer. Slowly, the telephone orders are dying out. Online shopping accounts for almost 90% of company’s sales. The retail group traditionally used to print 25 million copies of its catalogue during its heydays. It has recently retracted from producing the catalogues with the advent of online orders. In the year 2015, they printed only 3 lakh copies of their catalogue. They still intend to send short brochures which will continue to showcase their flagship products.

The online retail world is constantly evolving. Every online retailer is investing in relevant areas such as their mobile app, online shopping portal, logistics etc.

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