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All pictures on this site are taken with 6 cm x 12 cm Panoramic Cameras. These images have a 7 times better resolution than pictures taken with 35 mm cameras. Panoramic images are mainly used for large calendars or for Jürgen Freund Original signed FINE ART PRINTS which can make enlarged prints up to 1.5 meter in size where the finest detail is captured. You may choose from a selction of Jürgens best images as handsigned Fine Art Prints.

If you like to place a picture order, please email: freundimages@gmail.com If you have other images in mind, we have many more transparencies available in our collection. We are happy to search and send the picture that suits your needs.
Coastal Scenes
Underwater and marine animals
Australian Outback


Fig tree in North Queensland

  Giant red cedar tree in North Queensland
Image code: 1010692   Image code: 1010683


Fern trees at dawn in North Queensland

  Detail the Curtain Fig Tree - strangler fig tree roots
Image code: 1010680   Image code: 1010701



Mossman Gorge in North Queensland after cyclone and heavy rainfall

Image code: 1010700    













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