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Minke Whale
Whale Shark
Minke Whale in Great Barrier Reef
It is extremely difficult to take pictures while balancing a huge panoramic camera in a self designed-housing hanging on a rope snorkelling with 25 knot winds blowing all around you. But with minke activities in full swing, it is a deed that must be done. These marine mammals are just too unreal – interacting, playing and eye-balling you for hours and hours.

Minke whales are the smallest baleen whales that can be found in nearly all oceans. The species found in the Northern part of the Great Barrier Reef is a subspecies, the Dwarf Minke Whale. They are 7 – 8 meters long and are about 3 – 4 meters smaller than their larger minke cousins. Very little is known about minke whales. Why they come to Australia during the winter months June to August is still not clear to scientists but it seems that these animals are passing through, on their way to Antarctica maybe to feed or perhaps to breed.

Camera - Horseman 612 SW Lens - Rodenstock 45 mm Film Format - Panoramic 60 x 120 mm
Film - Fuji Provia 400 Shutterspeed - 1/60 second Specially designed UW housing
Description Size Price (US$)
Article number FAP-1011569-1 45 cm x 20 cm (17 in x 8 in) US$ 160.00
Article number FAP-1011569-2 60 cm x 24 cm (23 in x 9 in) US$ 290.00
Article number FAP-1011569-3 75 cm x 30 cm (29 in x 12 in) US$ 400.00
Article number FAP-1011569-4 90 cm x 36 cm (35 in x 14 in) US$ 510.00
Article number FAP-1011569-5 120 cm x 48 cm (47 in x 19 in) US$ 650.00
Article number FAP-1011569-6 150 cm x 60 cm (59 in x 23 in) US$ 720.00
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