Getting Rid of Hickey using Medicines

How to get Rid of a Hickey and the pain it has caused? Using cold compressions for fresh hickeys and heat therapy for a day or two old hickeys is common. But do you still feel that it is not healing as fast as you want it to be? Try these medications to alleviate from pain and get rid of the scar.

Few over-the-counter medications, lotions and creams help in removing the hickey and also help with the pain caused by hickey. But take a doctor’s advice before trying these out as they tend to be allergic to some people.


Aspirin: We all know that Aspirin helps in relieving pain. But are you puzzled as to how to get rid of hickey with Aspirin? Here’s how. Aspirin has the characteristic of thinning blood thereby increasing blood circulation. But be cautious to take Aspirin only after 24 hours of receiving hickey as it tends to aggravate the condition when taken earlier. Aspirin is really effective in making the Hickey disappear.

Excedrin: Excedrin is a combination of Caffeine, Aspirin and Acetaminophen. While Aspirin and Caffeine helps in providing good blood circulation, Acetaminophen helps in reducing the pain caused by hickeys. How to get rid of Hickeys Fast? Try this combination.

Preparation H: Are you wondering how to get rid of Hickeys fast using Preparation H? It is true that Preparation H is meant for relieving the pain, soreness and discomfort caused by haemorrhoids. But the same is also effective for treating Hickey. It surely treats the symptoms of Hickeys quickly.

Arnica Salve and Witch Hazel: These ingredients are used more often in treating inflammation and bruises. While Arnica helps in the healing process, Witch Hazel helps in bringing the damaged blood vessels back to the normal size.

Other than the above Medicines, Vitamin C and K supplements can be taken as they help in the healing process.

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