Sky Is The Limit!

The telecom industry is constantly evolving, there are changes happening at every step. It is important for telecom companies to constantly upgrade and match steps with its competitors. Call charges have become immensely cheap, with internet calls, they are now virtually free. Internet speed and data download capacity on offer is a key aspect based on which the competitors promote their products.

Sky broadband wireless hub

When a customer orders a sky broadband package, they get a wireless router. This is the sky wireless hub. Sky broadband routers were manufactured only by Netgear till the year 2006. From 2008 onwards Sagem also started manufacturing Sky Broadband routers. This wireless hub also underwent a design change. Initially, they were manufactured in white coldour alone. By year 2008, these routers were made in black colour and were shaped just like the Sky + HD box. In order to reduce postage costs, both the routers were distributed in boxes which were of smaller size.

The routers manufactured by Sagem added restricting features such as inbound firewall settings and outbound and inbound VPN connections. For Sky broadband users who want to connect with outbound VPN connections, request for a firmware upgradation can be placed. The restrictions on firewall and inbound VPN connection will be maintained. By the year 2010, D-Link also started producing Sky broadband routers.


Sky Broadband offerings

There are four broadband plans offered by Sky Broadband. Below are the details of the plans offered –

8 Mbps speed

  • Sky Broadband with unlimited 8 mbps speed
  • Free Wi-Fi Modem
  • Minimum 3.2 Mbps speed with 80% reliability

Ultra high-speed 50 Mbps speed

  • Skybroadband 50 Mbps speed
  • Php 299 discount on HD cable plan
  • Free Sky On-demand and Wi-Fi Modem

16 Mbps speed

  • Sky Broadband with unlimited 16 mbps speed
  • Free Wi-Fi Modem
  • Minimum 6.4 Mbps speed with 80% reliability

3 Mbps speed

  • Sky Broadband with unlimited 3 mbps speed
  • Free Wi-Fi Modem
  • Minimum 1.3 Mbps speed with 80% reliability

Benefits of Sky broadband

Sky broadband offers a variety of plans that suit various needs. Below is the list of benefits –

  • Consistent broadband speed
  • 100 Mb unlimited broadband
  • On Demand TV available
  • Free Sky broadband router
  • Easy service upgradation and downgradation
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Easy switch from external broadband to Sky broadband
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