Rise of Promotional Activities Amongst Telecom Providers

In management studies every student knows and has learnt about five P’s of marketing, i.e. Product, People, Place, Price and Promotion. For any business all the five P’s have to be worked on perfectly to result in success. With internet, globalisation the world has become smaller. A products or business’s reach has increased exponentially. With correct use of resources, one can easily market and create a better image of their service or product. With traditional way of marketing, ventures also apply technological ways such as using social network platforms, strategic placement of ads on the internet etc. enables them to achieve overall success.


Mobile phone has turned into a necessity. This has made telecom industry one of the most profitable and richer sectors of the economy. Its popularity has also increased the competition and there are large numbers of service providers in the market. To highlight their service techniques used by telecom services include affordable prices, hassle free contracts or in some cases no contracts, free offers, prominent customer service etc. These are all used in different combinations to attract customers. To ensure and engage a customer and convert them into loyal ones, telecom providers resort to promotional activities such as launch of new plans, discounts on future recharges and use of promotional codes that is sent to existing and new customers through email or text. Or they post them on dedicated portals where most of the coupon seekers search for discount coupons. For Tracfone subscribers, TracFone – promo coupon. Codes serve as the best portal for finding profitable coupons. Here is the website http://promocoupons.codes/tracfone/

There are many benefits of using promo codes, some of them are specified below:

  1. Retrieving old subscribers and ensuring not losing existing ones to other companies.
  2. Discount codes when combined with other offers or products can increase sales and visibility of a wide array of products and services.
  3. Customers feel rewarded and satisfied.
  4. In situations where in codes are only offered for first few number of subscribers or customers, it creates a sense of urgency and people make an active participation in buying.
  5. Over a long period of time coupons also allow you to understand and decipher customer buying patterns.
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