Hey manga – a brief overview of the Manga industry

What’s the good name?

If you have had any association with Japan or its people, there is a high chance that you have heard about the word Manga from them. The Japanese are extremely proud of their art form and it will not be an exaggeration at all to say that this forms an integral part of their lives and their art and culture.

Comic books:

Mangas are Japanese comic books to the world at large but to the Japanese, it is a part of their culture. The look and the form of this Japanese cartoon is so specific to the country and as is referred to as the Manga style. Loosely translated “manga” means Whimsical pictures. They are actually scripts of Japanese cartoon that are believed to have started in the early eighteenth century and have garnered a very large following in the twentieth century. The technological advancements that the world saw in the twentieth century and the proliferation of the cathode tubes and the internet and television has majorly influenced and contributed to the popularity of the Online Manga form. It was also during this time that the ban on the export of the intellectual property was lifted and the conditions for transfer of huge information were relaxed.


Hey Manga what a different format!

When these are published, they are done in smaller paper sizes and they form collectibles in smaller volumes. If they are to be likened to any book, then they will resemble a copy of the Reader’s Digest.

The traditional art of Japan:

The original stories are published as part of a magazine in the form of a continuing story. If the story becomes very popular then it is collected and published as a volume. Sometimes, the already published volumes sporadically become very famous in certain parts of the world as and when they are discovered by them.

Easily recognizable:

Because of the unique art work and style of expression, the manga form is easily recognizable. The online Manga characters are very humane and very lively. They have characteristic facial expressions and mostly sport abnormal hair color. There is excessive exaggeration to emotions too for example if the character of Nobita, a truant Japanese kid in the show “Doraemon” is shown to be crying, his eyes will pour out tears like spouts!

We love Online Manga!

Inspite of all the idiosyncrasies, the popularity of the shows world over proves one thing and that is this form of art has really caught people’s fancies and it promises to stay here for good.  

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