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What is this site all about?

This site shows the work of photographer Jürgen Freund and book/documentary producer Stella Chiu-Freund. Together they are in constant search for the most beautiful images to photograph either from Australia or in exotic places around the world - underwater or on land.

This website is a story and picture source for magazines and professional photo users. Most of the stock material you will see is about the marine environment but you will also find travel and landscape images as well. Aside from wildlife and nature photography, Jürgen & Stella also work on environmental and conservation issues where Jürgen's stock images hosts a wide variety of legal and illegal fishing practices from Asia - from dynamite fishing to shark hunting, to dried sea cucumbers and seahorses for the Asian market.

A brief overview of what you find in this site:

Under Marine Images you find a large selection of marine animals, marine habitats and also marine environmental issues. These images ranges from small creatures like plankton, to dugongs, to sea turtles. Giant ones like whales as big as the megalodon, and sharks, the great sea hunter, and a giant squid. These pictures come as single images or photo stories. All pictures are taken with 35 mm cameras.

Under Terrestrial Images you find travel and landscape pictures as well as land animals and environmental issues. These pictures come as single images or photo stories. All pictures are taken with 35 mm cameras.

Under Panoramic Images you find landscape and underwater images, all shot in 6 cm x 12 cm transparencies. This format is seven times bigger than a 35 mm image and can be enlarged to make 1.5 meter (5 feet) superior quality prints. This format is a perfect platform for fine art prints, large panoramic calendars or for billboard advertising.

To be able to shoot underwater with this format, Jürgen designed his very own special underwater housing.

Please note that all images on this website are under full copyright of Jürgen Freund. Any violation of copyright will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

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We wish to congratulate our friend BRAD NORMAN for being one of five Rolex Award laureates in the 2006 Rolex Award for Enterprise, recognizing his outstanding contribution to humanity, science and the environment.

Through photography, Brad's project of many years Ecocean logs images onto an international online database that determines whale shark spots like fingerprint indentification. Rolex Awards describes Brad's project as "visionary" - involving thousands of ordinary people in the conservation of whale sharks through their photo contribution to the Ecocean database. Jürgen met Brad in 1995 when both were doing work on whale sharks in Christmas Island, Australia.

Brad Norman measuring a whale shark in Ningaloo

We are happy to have documented Brad at work in Ningaloo's 2005 whale shark season. We believe in his project so much that we instigated having another friend Annie Strachan be the first Ecocean Volunteer for the 2006 whale shark season in Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines where she documented 40 new whale sharks into the database. We wish Brad all the best with this wonderful project.

Under News & More you find a whole lot of new features:

The Freunds have started a section called "STORIES FROM THE BUSH". This quarterly feature will cover some of their actual photo productions and latest adventures.

PHOTO EXPEDITIONS planned for 2007, the Freunds will lead six interested underwater photographers to photo adventures underwater. Work still in progress.

PHOTO EXHIBITIONS past and future exhibitions. Work is still in progress.

UW PHOTO SCHOOL planned for 2007, Jürgen will hold uw-photo courses in North Queensland with the Great Barrier Reef as the photo studio. Interested? Please write to Jürgen at scubayogi@compuserve.com.

PUBLICATIONS Published photo-stories in magazines and books. This section is updated every quarter.

EQUIPMENT REVIEWS Another future feature will be hands-on reviews on uw-photo equipment. Work is still in progress.

More pictures for Fine Art Prints of Australian landscapes, seascapes and many more to come soon. We reviewed the pricing for the prints and you may just find the right picture for your livingroom or office walls. The Freunds also added an exquisite Shell x-ray series which is now available as giclee prints.

Freund Factory also offers a selection of glossy panoramic Foto Cards in 30 cm x 15 cm size which can be matted and framed but are also mailable as postcards. The secret of these mailable photo prints is the back - you will have huge amounts of space to write your short story. Freund Factory also has a new Poster of the iconic whale shark portrait which has been a long time favorite of many.

Payment for the merchandise and fine art prints is now accepted via credit card payment through the secure PayPal system. In case you don't like to use internet payments at all, please send us an email and you can easily pay by telegraphic bank transfer.

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